Hypur keeps cash where it belongs. In your bank.

Enjoy the convenience and savings of mobile transactions, and be part of the only truly sustainable solution to the cash-payment challenge.

Go Cashless

Safer Than Cash

Less cash on hand means lower risk of theft for both businesses and consumers.

Faster Checkout

Pre-verified consumers simply check in and authorize transactions with their PAC number.

Cutting-edge Security

Our systems are beyond PCI compliant, with personal information secured behind 7 layers of security.

Fraud Prevention

Identity verification and geolocation services help prevent unwanted transactions.

Mobile & Cloud Based

Secure mobile web-based portal – no app to download.

Unlimited Support

You can always count on support from a real live person, based locally in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We've got your back

Our data security exceeds industry standards, maintaining your privacy and protecting you from fraud.

Getting started is only a few steps


Unite for Legitimacy

Due to government regulations, cash-intensive businesses are often deprived of access to full banking services, and consumers are forced to pay with cash. Paying with Hypur enables businesses to prove they are operating legitimately, opening the doors to more equitable treatment. With legitimacy, everyone wins. Join us. Get Hypur.

The grass is greener with Hypur


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